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What is HOEP?

Home and Office Emergency Preparedness (HOEP) is an item inventory, contact management, communication and task management software application program that allows you to record and manage individual, family, group, business and organizational resources for emergency planning and emergency action purposes.

HOEP runs on desktop and notebook computers running Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP Operating Systems (OS).

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Main Features

Contact Management

Person, company and organization emergency contact management.

Task Management

Emergency task management by priority and assignee.

Supply Management

Asset, food, water, and supply management.

Food Calculation

Food and water requirement calculation in amount, calories, and type.

Value Calculation

Value, cost and weight tracking and calculation for emergency items.

Storage Identification

Multiple storage area identification for emergency items.

Asset Management

Asset management, with sub-component organization capability.

Medical Tracking

Health and medical tracking and reference for protected family and staff.

Data Import

Data import for importing contact and emergency item info from other programs.

Data Export

Data export in multiple file formats for data use in spreadsheets and other DBs.

Unlimited Databases

Unlimited number of databases - maintain one or multiple user-specific DBs.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive reports for preview, print, to-file, and auto-attachment to email.

Vehicle Management

Car, boat, aircraft, motorhome and other vehicle management.

Geographic Mapping

Geographic mapping with travel directions for all evacuation and service locations.

Location Linking

Location linking for mapping, satellite, weather, road condition, and other Web sites.

Insurance Policy

Insurance policy coverage and calculation.

"Affordable software for creating a custom plan essential for your home and office wherever you are."

Daniel DeMarco, noted San Diego community and business leader and Veteran liaiso


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    NOTE: Many Technical Support questions are answered in the HOEP program Installation Instructions, regular HOEP Help System text, HOEP Setup and Operation Introduction screens, and the Technical Support page on this Website. Please review those sources prior to requesting technical support assistance via email. Please use the License and Registration email link for purchasing, licensing and registration issues.

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  • NOTE: Many Technical Support questions are answered in the HOEP program Installation Instructions, regular HOEP Help System text, and the HOEP Setup and Operation Introduction screens. Please review those sources prior to requesting technical support assistance via email.

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  • No Program updates are available at this time.

  • One or more versions of Home and Office Emergency Preparedness (HOEP) can be freely downloaded and used for up to 21 days without charge. All features are fully enabled in the HOEP program 21 day Trial Period. A license is required for continued use past the Trial Period and can be purchased from a link from within the installed program.

    HOEP is licensed per physical (hardware) or virtual computer workstation. The license is computer specific. Multiple users can use the software non-concurrently at one computer on one license, but an additional license is required for each additional computer that the HOEP program files are installed on or used from. A new license or license transfer fee is required if the originally licensed program is installed on another computer, or if major hardware component changes (e.g., a new computer hard drive) are made on the original computer.

  • Home and Office Emergency Preparedness (HOEP) runs on the Windows operating system. Most Windows based computers produced after 2003 should have the minimum capability to run the HOEP program. Specific recommendations follow ...

    - Processor: x86 Family 6 Model 11 (Intel) or equivalent, or greater.

    - Memory (RAM): 512 Megabytes. 4 Gigabytes or greater is recommended for optimum performance.

    - Hard Drive Disk Space: 500 Megabytes for program and user databases (suggested amount of space to reserve for HOEP). [The actual size of Emergency Preparedness user databases depend on the amount of data entered by the user.] An additional (temporary) 230 Megabytes is required for the installer package if it is downloaded instead of launched from CD.

    - Operating System: Windows XP (Service Pack 2) is the minimum. Windows XP with Service Pack 3 is recommended if Windows XP is used. Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 is the preferred, providing translucent Window display panels and optimum performance.

    - Internet Browser: An Internet browser program, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, is required to download updates, and to run Web connection functions within the HOEP program.

    - Email Program: An installed email program is required for HOEP to launch email connections from within the HOEP program.

    - PDF Reader: A program such as a Word Processor or Adobe Reader that can read HOEP program PDF information files (used inside and outside the HOEP program). Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free and then installed by double-clicking the file "Download_AdobeReader.bat" in the HOEP installation folder, or by clicking Download Adobe Reader here.

    - Internet Service Connection: An Internet service provider (e.g., AT&T, Timer Warner Cable, etc.) is required for Internet Browser and email connections to the Internet.

    - Media Player Program (Optional): A media player program, such as Windows Media Player, must be installed on your computer to view the in-program HOEP Tutorial. Windows Media Player is included in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and can be downloaded for the Windows XP OS from the Microsoft Media Player download site.

    - Modem (Optional): A computer hardware modem is required to use the Auto Dial function in the HOEP program.

    - Phone Line Connection (Optional): An active phone line is required to connect to an installed computer hardware modem for use of the Auto Dial function in the HOEP program.

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