Home and Office Emergency Preparedness

System Requirements

Home and Office Emergency Preparedness (HOEP) runs on the Windows® operating system. Most Windows based computers produced after 2003 should have the minimum capability to run the HOEP program. Specific recommendations follow ...

* Processor: x86 Family 6 Model 11 (Intel) or equivalent, or greater.

* Memory (RAM): 512 Megabytes. 4 Gigabytes or greater is recommended for optimum performance.

* Hard Drive Disk Space: 500 Megabytes for program and user databases (suggested amount of space to reserve for HOEP). [The actual size of Emergency Preparedness user databases depend on the amount of data entered by the user.] An additional (temporary) 230 Megabytes is required for the installer package if it is downloaded instead of launched from CD.

* Operating System: Windows XP® (Service Pack 2) is the minimum. Windows XP with Service Pack 3 is recommended if Windows XP is used. Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, or Windows 8® is the preferred, providing translucent Window display panels and optimum performance.

* Internet Browser: An Internet browser program, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer®, is required to download updates, and to run Web connection functions within the HOEP program.

* Email Program: An installed email program is required for HOEP to launch email connections from within the HOEP program.

* PDF Reader: A program such as a Word Processor or Adobe Reader® that can read HOEP program PDF information files (used inside and outside the HOEP program). Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free and then installed by double-clicking the file "Download_AdobeReader.bat" in the HOEP installation folder, or by clicking Download Adobe Reader here.

* Internet Service Connection: An Internet service provider (e.g., AT&T, Timer Warner Cable, etc.) is required for Internet Browser and email connections to the Internet.

* Media Player Program (Optional): A media player program, such as Windows Media Player®, must be installed on your computer to view the in-program HOEP Tutorial. Windows Media Player is included in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and can be downloaded for the Windows XP OS from the Microsoft Media Player download site.

* Modem (Optional): A computer hardware modem is required to use the Auto Dial function in the HOEP program.

* Phone Line Connection (Optional): An active phone line is required to connect to an installed computer hardware modem for use of the Auto Dial function in the HOEP program.